The Influence of Sci-Fi on Prosthetic Arm Innovation

In the tapestry of human history, science fiction has often woven threads of inspiration, sparking imagination and challenging the limits of what's possible. Among its many fascinations, the portrayal of prosthetic hands has stood out as a symbol of...

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Real hand holds pinky finger with Zeus prosthetic hand

Life Hacks for Prosthetic Hand Users

Whether you are a new prosthesis user or have been using it for quite some time, you may find it challenging sometimes. It can be something simple like holding objects like a fork or doing tasks around the home. Everyday tasks can feel overwhelming...

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A human hand removes finger from Zeus bionic hand

Evolution of Zeus

In the beginning, there was a vision: to provide custom solutions for upper limb amputees, helping them restore their freedom and independence. Aether Biomedical succeeded in this mission by developing Zeus, a strong, multi-articulating bionic hand...

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Amputee is holding a basket with Zeus bionic prosthetic hand and his own

Using Prostheses to Regain Control

Losing a limb due to an accident or illness is always difficult, every day activities become difficult or impossible without someone's help. Very often patients feel guilty or ashamed to ask others for help, thinking they are a burden to their loved...

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Clinitian and amputee are looking at Zeus bionic prosthetic hand

Causes of Upper Limb Amputation: What to do Afterwards

There are four main causes for limb loss/amputation: trauma, infection, cancer and congenital deficits. Each of these can be traumatic and may require the individual to seek psychological support which will help them gain a better quality of life. ...

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Zeus bionic hand holding disco ball

How the Zeus Differs from Other Bionic Hands

Over the years, many variants of upper limb prostheses have appeared on the market, from non-moving "passive" to bionic devices. It is the latter that can offer users the effects most similar to the human hand. In addition to basic functions such as...

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How to Become a Zeus User

So - you've decided to become a Zeus user. We're so happy with your decision and confident that you will be too!

As an upper limb amputee, your bionic hand has the ability to reinvigorate your sense of independence and strength - which is why...

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Overcoming Common O&P Practice Challenges

In our previous blog, we discussed how O&P practices can attract more patients. This is a critical component of any successful business, as your patients are your customers. However, before you can begin attracting new clientele, it’s important to...

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