Aether Biomedical Origin Story

Welcome to Aether Biomedical! If you’re reading this, you’re likely curious about who we are as an organization and what our mission is. To start, we are a medical robotics company with the goal of making bionics accessible to all. 

While that’s a pretty clear overview, we’d still like for you to get to know us better - including our goals for the future and what got us started as an organization. Hopefully, with the help of readers like you, we can spread our goal for accessibility, providing users with the freedom and independence they deserve. 


Who is Aether Biomedical? 

As an organization, we at Aether Biomedical are driven by our vision of providing custom solutions for upper limb amputees to help them restore their freedom and independence. We believe that enhancing their autonomy can help users realize their true potential and take back the power in their lives. 

To achieve this goal, we want to develop cutting-edge prosthetic and rehabilitation devices through innovation in biosignal processing. While this technology may not be entirely new to the biomedical industry, we are looking to innovate it further, shaking up the world of medical devices by engineering products that can exceed the current global standards of prosthetics. 

Our mission is to provide users with the best possible value without compromising quality. We plan to achieve this by utilizing the latest advancements in biomedical technology, from the inception of our ideas, through product design and production, and all the way to the roll-out to the users we serve worldwide. 

While there are a lot of prosthetic solutions available right now, we know that our product stands for something unique and different, with users in mind every step of the way. We strive to provide users with a product that can change their lives and make our product available to all - enhancing the lives of users across the globe. 

If we’ve piqued your interest, this is only the tip of the iceberg of who we are and how we’ve gotten to where we are today. We feel that our roots define us as an organization, so let’s start at the beginning. 

Our Journey


Our co-founders first met when they were preparing to attend Medical College together in India and were connected by their long-standing interest in how they hoped to impact patients’ lives across various domains. Their hopes for the future soon became a reality when they acquired a 3D printer and met a hand amputee. 

While their initial thought was to provide this man with a personal solution, they quickly recognized a significant gap in the prosthetics field. So many people were left without the solutions they needed, whether unable to afford the proper functional prosthesis or find one that suited their needs. These people needed a multi-articulating bionic hand - affordable, functional, and customized to the user. 

Even in areas with well-established reimbursement and statutory medical insurance, so many upper limb amputees still ended up with poor substitutions that did not meet their needs or completely forwent the prosthetic, choosing to live one-handed instead. When our co-founders came to this realization, they immediately thought - there had to be a better solution!

Since recognizing the gap in the prosthetics field, our co-founders went to work. Over the years, they have received support from government and private organizations in their effort to close this gap and provide upper limb amputees with the prosthetic that meets their needs. 

When Brinc selected them in their Polish Prize Program, they decided on their next step: opening a European office. In doing so, they could take advantage of Poland’s immensely talented technical resources and build a commercial, affordable bionic hand in the EU. 

Once they had the office under their belt, they began to gather a team of like-minded individuals, all driven to bring change in the world of medical technology - not for few, but for all. As a result, Aether Biomedical was born and founded in 2018. Four years later, we have created a product that has fulfilled our goals from so long ago - a multi-articulating bionic hand, available for all.


The Zeus was Born


What was once only a handful of team members has grown, ranging from mechanical and electronic engineers through software developers and clinicians, to business strategists and supply chain experts. Our work at Aether Biomedical has only just started, but we have come a long way and are eager to celebrate the availability of our first product.

After many prototypes, the Zeus V1 (Version 1) was born and is now a class I CE-marked medical device. The Zeus is a high-functioning, multi-articulating bionic hand that combines ease of control with a highly robust yet elegant design. 

We at Aether Biomedical understand that a prosthetic should serve as an extension of a human limb, not an accessory. This is why we designed the Zeus with four defining features in mind: grip strength, modular construction, high impact resistance, and 100% customization capabilities via our comprehensive web-based software. Now, let’s dive into these features in more detail. 

The Zeus bionic hand has the strongest grip strength in the market, giving users confidence in their ability to perform daily tasks and hold onto objects with ease - ranging from a pen to a dumbbell. Users can also completely customize the Zeus with 12 different grip modes, ensuring that their hand is compatible with their life and whatever activities that entails. 

In addition to these features, the Zeus addresses a significant issue with many prosthetic devices - repair time. What good is a prosthetic if damaged it takes weeks to be repaired, leaving users without their hand? 

Not only does the Zeus have high impact resistance, making it highly robust against damage, but it is also locally repairable. This means that should the device get damaged; it can get repaired within days, not weeks, ensuring that users get back to the freedom and independence they deserve.

In contrast to many alternatives on the market, the Zeus offers these features and more at an affordable price. One of our defining goals at Aether Biomedical is to make prosthetic devices accessible to all, and we understand that price plays a significant role. And while price is a factor, we recognize that quality is most important. We want the Zeus to be the bionic hand for all, and we understand what our users deserve. 


Our Goals for the Future


The Zeus is only the beginning for Aether Biomedical. Through our work with bio-signal processing we have identified even bigger problems that need to be addressed in the prosthetics industry. Our team is already working to improve control mechanisms in hopes to further optimize bionic limbs. 

In the future, we hope to expand our product and technological innovation further, continuing to spread access to prostheses across the globe. Until then, we hope to help users by reigniting their independence through Zeus, enabling them to go about their daily life with ease and confidence. 


If you’re interested in learning more about our product, please visit our website.

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