Evolution of Zeus

In the beginning, there was a vision: to provide custom solutions for upper limb amputees, helping them restore their freedom and independence. Aether Biomedical succeeded in this mission by developing Zeus, a strong, multi-articulating bionic hand that is both functional and customizable. After many prototypes, the Zeus V1 (Version 1) was born in 2020 and is now a class I CE-marked medical device.

The Zeus V1 is a high-functioning, multi-articulating bionic hand that combines ease of control with a highly robust yet elegant design. It has many defining features, including grip strength, modular construction, high impact resistance, 100% customization capabilities, and remote configuration. The Zeus bionic hand has the strongest grip strength in the market at 152N, giving users the confidence to perform daily tasks and hold onto objects with ease.

Zeus V1

Zeus V1 can generate a grip force of up to 152 Newtons (34.17lbf), thanks to its unique method of actuation. The hand has a modular construction, making it easy to disassemble, repair and maintain. Clinicians can replace individual parts without having to replace the entire hand, making it more cost-effective in the long run.

Modular construction allows Zeus hand to be easily repaired locally by a clinician in under 60 minutes. With 7 interchangeable plug n’ play modules, clinicians can replace the damaged parts of the hand without fully replacing the entire hand. Zeus hand is the only hand on the market that is 100% serviceable in-house by the clinician, ensuring that users never have to go home without their hand.

The Zeus is highly robust, with a high impact resistance mechanism, making it more durable than other prosthetic hands. It can withstand impacts, drops, and other types of damage, reducing the risk of repair time for the user. Zeus prosthesis has 100% customization capabilities, allowing users to create a hand that is customized to their needs. Aether Biomedical's web-based software enables clinicians to customize Zeus in 12 different grip modes via Zeus Configurator application, ensuring that the prosthesis is compatible with the user's life and whatever activities that entails.

Zeus features a control system that uses biosignal processing to enhance the control of the hand. EMG signals are used to interpret the intensity and the desired movement, which is then used to control Zeus. These signals allow the user to open and close the hand, along with changing grip patterns and the speed at which the hand operates.

The Zeus also has an improved battery life, making it more convenient for users to use the hand for extended periods. The Zeus features improved grasping capabilities, better response time, and an overall design that is easier to use. The Zeus features a redesigned thumb and a fully modular design, allowing for customization beyond just the fingers.

The Zeus Reimagined

The aesthetically upgraded version of the Zeus V1 hand arrives in May 2023. It remains highly durable and robust, with the same great features of the original plus the added benefit of a more cosmetic look. This anthropomorphic upgrade allows the hand to take on a more anatomical shape while still having the same great features of the original Zeus V1. This visual enhancement of the hand creates palmar curvature, three finger lengths, and a more anatomically correct knuckle spacing.

Aether Digital Platform for Zeus

On top of the previously described benefits, there is one more benefit that makes Zeus unique. The novel software called Aether Digital Platform is a web-based platform that enables clinicians to support users throughout their journey, locally or remotely. 

Aether Digital Platform is a revolutionary software compatible with Zeus. This software allows clinicians to trace the configuration and metrics such as grip cycles, EMG peaks, and grip switches in the user's device. The hand can be connected to the platform via a mobile app by using Bluetooth. The web platform, mobile app, and Zeus hand are all connected to the cloud to ensure the best outcome-driven care for all users. Additionally, the platform enables clinicians to directly communicate with users and send them new configurations to enhance the operation of Zeus hand, without scheduling an appointment with a clinician.

The Zeus bionic hand has come a long way since its initial release, with each iteration bringing new improvements to the design and functionality. As the strongest and most robust hand, Zeus is state-of-the-art in the world of prosthetics. Zeus still offers 152N (34.17lbf) grip strength with modular design, high impact resistance, and the ability to carry up to 35 kg (77 lbs), allowing users to easily lift, carry, and transport heavy loads with precision without worry. Web-based software allows clinicians to customize the prosthesis with up to 12 different grip patterns to ensure compatibility with the user's life. EMG signals interpret the intensity of the desired movement which is then used to control Zeus. The new, more curved design not only makes the upgraded Zeus more anatomical in shape but also more versatile for various hand sizes. The evolution of the Zeus bionic hand is a testament to Aether Biomedical's commitment to providing users with the best possible prosthetic solutions while remaining accessible to all.


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