Rebuilding Lives: Aether Biomedical and Superhumans Center's Advanced Prosthetic Missions in Ukraine

The devastating conflict between Russia and Ukraine has led to a heartbreaking reality: tens of thousands of Ukrainians are now facing the difficult decision to amputate one or more limbs due to war-related injuries. In response to this urgent need, Aether Biomedical teamed up with Ukraine-based Superhumans Center to conduct Prosthetic fitting missions in Lviv. These missions provide advanced prosthetic hands to wounded individuals, offering them hope for a more fulfilling and independent future.

Superhumans Center is a facility dedicated to prosthetics, rehabilitation, reconstructive surgery, and psychological support for both military personnel and civilians affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Superhumans operates on a compassionate ethos where all services are provided to patients completely free of charge. They are funded by generous donors and committed partners. This ambitious undertaking was initiated by Ukrainian entrepreneur Andriy Stavnitser in April 2023 near Lviv, Ukraine. In the coming years, Superhumans will open five additional centers across Ukraine, located in Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Vinnytsia, Rivne, and Dnipro.                                Learn more at

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A survey conducted by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) shows just how widespread the devastation is, with nearly 80 percent of Ukrainians having experienced the trauma of losing loved ones or seeing friends get hurt. Many of these injuries have resulted in limb loss, adding to the challenges faced by the country's already overwhelmed healthcare system. That's where the Superhumans and Aether Biomedical step in.

Our Zeus Prosthetic Hand in Ukraine brings a couple of unique benefits that are especially helpful for upper limb amputees in Ukraine.  Firstly, its innovative design allows for 30 minutes of local repairability, enabling easy replacement or upgrades of components as needed. Secondly, our hand boasts remote reconfigurability, allowing users to connect with clinicians from a distance for adjustments and modifications, so even if users are far from their doctor, they can still tweak it to fit them perfectly.  In a country dealing with the consequences of war, these advancements provide crucial help to people facing the difficulties of losing a limb.

At Aether, we recognize Superhuman’s remarkable track record of successful partnerships with visiting specialists, which consistently lead to excellent patient outcomes. The waiting list for patients needing upper limb amputations continues to grow steadily each week, exacerbating an already challenging situation in meeting demand. As a result, we are actively seeking upper limb prosthetists interested in gaining experience working with patients at various stages of upper limb amputations. 


We invite you to join our Prosthetic Bootcamps in Ukraine, hosted at the Superhumans clinic. Our mission is to provide life-changing support through the fitting of the Zeus Hand prostheses. Our journey towards this cause began in December 2023 with the inaugural boot camp. Mike Marin and Tony Berland, both experts in prosthetics, traveled to Ukraine to the Superhumans Center.

Their journey was all about helping people who lost upper limbs during the war by fitting them with Zeus' Prosthetic Hands. Followed by another successful event in March 2024. We just finished our third boot camp this May, and we couldn't be more excited about the progress and impact we've made so far.

Superhumans are dedicated to providing the essential resources and necessary prosthetic components for their work, collaborating with leading prosthetic component manufacturers. Additionally, they ensure safety and security while offering robust logistical support, including assistance with nearby accommodation arrangements and addressing any organizational concerns, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for all involved.

These camps have been a beam of light and transformation for many, and we are committed to continuing this work in the months to come. We are currently seeking 2 prosthetists and 2 technicians to join us in these humanitarian missions for the next camp that will take place in August 2024. We are also looking for more prosthetists and technicians for camps that will take place later this year. Your expertise and compassion can make a significant difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Join us on this impactful journey and become part of something truly extraordinary. Reach out to us at or visit: Together, we can transform lives, one prosthesis at a time.

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