How the Zeus Differs from Other Bionic Hands

Over the years, many variants of upper limb prostheses have appeared on the market, from non-moving "passive" to bionic devices. It is the latter that can offer users the effects most similar to the human hand. In addition to basic functions such as gripping objects, grip strength, hand closing speed, impact resistance and price are also important. 

Grip strength and Hand carry loads

A multi-articulating hand should have strength to properly perform in everyday challenges. Grip strength is one of the most important features of the prosthesis. Users can be sure whether they have to grab something small and delicate or big and heavy it will allow them to do so with confidence. Unfortunately most of the available myoelectric prostheses cannot ensure this enhanced level of security in grip strength. 

However, Zeus can. As the only multi-articulating myoelectric hand with the strongest grip force(152N), this allows users to carry objects up to 35 kgs/77lbs. Also thanks to a soft grip feature users can perform more delicate tasks with confidence. Whether one wants to go to the gym, lift a wine glass or pet an animal, the Zeus empowers them to do so.

Closing speed, Weight and Number of grips

In addition to a strong grip force for a prosthetic hand, the speed at which it closes, its weight, the number of grips and its customizability are also important. The speed with which the prosthesis closes is crucial for its users because it gives them a sense of security when performing daily activities. Another important feature of the prosthetic hand is its weight. It should not be too heavy so as not to overburden the user, but also not too light. Its weight should be properly balanced against the material and components it is made of. The last thing is the number of grips available to users as well as their customization, so they can be changed and programmed to serve users well on a daily basis. 
The closing speed of the Zeus hand is 1.2 seconds, although this is not the fastest speed among myoelectric hands, it allows its users to use it freely and perform all activities. It should also be remembered that prosthetic hands do not match the efficiency and speed of real ones.The same applies to the weight of the hand. At 560gms with robust construction, the Zeus ensures stable and precise performance of tasks. The Zeus is the only bionic hand available, offering not only 12 grips, but also the possibility to customize the degree of each finger, allowing fully customizable and unique grips for the user.

Impact resistance and serviceability

Two of the most important features of bionic prosthetic hands are impact resistance and serviceability. Impact resistance allows the hand protection from instant breaking in case of accidental hit on other objects. Broken hands require servicing which can take weeks or months for companies to fix the components, and in the meantime users are left either without their prosthesis or with a substitute. 

Even though other bionic hands have impact resistance, the Zeus patent-pending impact resistance mechanism allows fingers to bend when faced with the objects. Although it does not mean that the hand is unbreakable, if any damages happen they can be repaired locally by a clinician in under 60 minutes, constructed with 7 interchangeable plug n' play modules, this gives clinicians ease when replacing them. Ensuring that users never have to go without their hand. The Zeus hand is the only hand on the market that is 100% serviceable in-house by the clinician.

High-tech Software Platform

The ability to track the progress made by users and changing parameters is something very helpful for clinicians. Unfortunately,most of the available prostheses offer only local services, which means that if there is a need for a change, the user will have to visit the clinician for an in-person parameter change. 

Zeus uses an online platform to monitor users' activities on an ongoing basis. After receiving the Zeus hand, the user can connect to the mobile application via bluetooth, and transfer data from the hand to the clinician facing web application. There the clinician can check all changes in parameters as well as all activities performed by the user (how long the prosthesis was in the open/closed position, what grips are most often he uses during the day). Thanks to the website/application, each user can connect remotely with clinicians to consult their progress with them. If the user decides that he would like to replace a grip or eliminate it, the application also allows the clinician to do so. Zeus is the only bionic hand available on the market that offers such technology for its users and clinicians.


The last question prospective users ask is whether I can afford to use the Zeus hand. Fortunately, the Zeus goes out of its way to help the patient and clinician by offering a high quality product at an affordable price. Using 3D printing technology, we can create high-quality components for prostheses locally without having to bring third parties into the process of making them, and thus significantly reduce their price. Users can enjoy the Zeus hand with all the amenities it offers and build more self-confidence on their new way of life.




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