Day-to-Day Functions and Grips of a Bionic Hand

Individuals perform thousands of hand functions on a given day without giving it any thought. Following the loss of a hand and the fitting of a prosthetic hand, one of the first questions that users ask is, "what can it do?"

When it comes to a multi-articulating myoelectric hand, users want to be assured that they can still perform these functions and avoid losing their autonomy and independence. Fortunately, with our bionic hand, the Zeus, users can perform countless day-to-day functions with ease of control and reliability.

The Zeus is a high-functioning, multi-articulating myoelectric hand. With ease of control, a robust design, and unprecedented strength, the Zeus provides users with an unmatched level of functionality. Equipped with five individually motorized articulating digits, including an opposable thumb, users gain immense dexterity in movement. 

Zeus' closed-loop motor control and closing speed of 1.2 seconds ensure a quick and seamless transition between grips. Plus, with a grip force of 34.17lbf/152N, users can be confident in holding objects without fear of dropping. 

Now, to dive into the day-to-day functions possible with the Zeus, we'll start by discussing its selection of grip patterns and what functions they enable. 


Grip Patterns

The Zeus is fully equipped with 12 selectable grip patterns, each of which can be further customized to a user's unique needs. With these grip patterns, users can do much more than simply hold objects. The Zeus provides users with enhanced strength, flexibility, and dexterity, ensuring that any day-to-day function a user could imagine can be performed seamlessly. 


Power Grip

In the power grip position, the thumb remains opposed while all other fingers close until they meet the object at hand or receive a close signal. The grip force of Zeus is spread amongst all fingers, ensuring a firm grasp on the object. This grip is multi-purpose as its individual finger stalling allows the grip to conform to the object's shape. 

The power grip can be used to open a door, shake hands, or lift objects. Thanks to the advanced sensors of the Zeus, the hand optimizes the force applied to the object based on its features. For example, a soda can or wine glass can be held with a firm but delicate touch. This ensures that the object is held securely without crushing or breaking it. 


Trigger Grip

In the trigger grip, the hand will grasp an object and conform to its shape. The index and middle fingers are controlled proportionally to operate the trigger mechanism of the device.

Using the trigger grip, users can operate devices such as spray bottles. Whether watering plants, cleaning surfaces, or even playing paintball, this grip easily enables users to operate trigger-based devices. 


Precision Open Grip

For small objects, users can enable the precision open grip. In this grip, the thumb moves to a midpoint and stops while the index finger can be controlled proportionally to form a pinching motion and other fingers remain open. 

This grip is beneficial when picking up small objects or performing delicate activities. Whether picking up a sugar cube, golfball, or other similar objects, users can do so with ease. 


Precision Closed Grip

This grip follows the same finger positions as the previous grip, with the exception of the middle, ring, and little fingers closing fully. Using this grip, users can pick up small, thin objects from a flat surface. 

Typically, thin objects are challenging to handle using a prosthetic hand. Fortunately, the Zeus is highly dexterous, enabling users to pick up objects such as coins, headphone wires, and more.  


Tripod Closed Grip

In the tripod closed grip, the thumb assumes a mid-point position while the index and middle fingers move proportionally to reach the tip of the thumb. The remaining fingers are closed fully while in this position. 

This grip enables users to hold medium-size objects or perform activities such as writing. The secure grip of the first two fingers and thumb allows users to hold and guide a pencil securely. This grip is essential for day-to-day functions, whether writing down a grocery list, signing a document, or creating a sketch. 


Tripod Open Grip

In this grip, the thumb assumes a mid-point position while the index and middle fingers read the tip of the thumb and the remaining fingers stay open. When using this grip, users can hold various household objects such as a pen, car keys, or even an egg. Just as the hand recognizes fragile objects with the power grip, this grip will also ensure a secure but delicate touch - holding items firmly without breaking them. 


Finger Point

Leading into the non-opposed grips is the finger point grip. As the name suggests, this grip assumes a pointing position with the index finger active while other fingers remain closed. This grip can be used for pushing buttons, flipping light switches, or pointing during a presentation. 


Active Index

Similar to the finger point grip, the index finger remains active in this grip as well. But, instead of the other fingers remaining closed, all fingers remain open in this grip. With the active index grip, users can type on a computer keyboard, play the piano, and more.


Open Palm

In this grip, the entire hand opens while providing a slight curvature. With a rubberized palm, the Zeus serves as a flat, non-slippery surface for holding objects when set in this grip. The open palm grip can be used for supporting objects such as plates, bowls, or books, ensuring a stable platform. 


Hook Grip

While a delicate touch is vital, equally as important is a strong one. The hook grip utilizes the self-locking nature of the Zeus, allowing fingers to wrap around an object and stay put. 

This particular grip can be used to carry heavy objects such as a briefcase, shopping bag, or gym equipment. With a static grip capacity of 77lbs/35kgs, this grip ensures that users can lift and hold heavy objects. Even for users who aren't lifting heavy items on a daily basis, this grip can be used to support oneself when getting up from a seated position. 


Key Grip

For particularly thin objects, the key grip is ideal. In this grip, the four fingers assume a flat position while the thumb is proportionally controlled to open and close. Whether holding a credit card, key, or the page of a book, the Zeus can do so securely and precisely. 


Mouse Grip

The final of the 12 selectable grips of the Zeus is the mouse grip. In the age of technology, being able to operate a computer mouse is vital and can be done so using the mouse grip. The Zeus will form the shape of a mouse, while the index and ring finger can be used to push buttons, respectively. 


Day-to-Day Functions and Beyond

The selection of grips available with the Zeus provides users with the dexterity and grip to easily perform day-to-day functions. As each grip can be individually customized, users can ensure that whatever activities they perform on a daily basis - no matter how unique - are possible. Plus, the web-based software gives clinicians the flexibility to remotely configure the Zeus hand without the patient being in the office. This means that should a user wish to customize one of their grips, they can do so without meeting their prosthetist in person. 


If you’re interested in learning more about the capabilities of Zeus, book a demo with us and see it for yourself. 

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