User Satisfaction in Bionic Hands

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re in the market for a new prosthetic hand, and perhaps a bionic hand at that. In the age of technology, user reviews are a crucial component of the shopping process. After all, why try out a product if thousands of others have already deemed it insufficient? 

The same goes for prosthetic hands. Amputees want to hear from other users about their success, or lack thereof, with a specific prosthesis. For this reason, we’re here to talk about user satisfaction with bionic hands. While bionic hands are still a relatively new prosthetic device, the results may surprise you. 

Are Users Satisfied? 

Innovations in prostheses such as bio-signal processing have made the bionic hand possible. Bionic hands can operate intuitively by receiving signals through users’ muscles, giving users more control and functionality in their prosthetic hand than ever. Considering this, it’s no surprise that so many upper limb amputees have jumped on the opportunity to try out a bionic hand for themselves. 

In 2021, Bionics For Everyone released a user satisfaction survey to hundreds of amputees to determine how satisfied users are with their bionic hands. But, before we share with you the results, it’s important to note that this survey covers more than 60 devices, so each user’s response is in accordance with their specific bionic hand. 

With that out of the way, let’s dive in. Based on the user satisfaction survey, it was found that approximately 64% of users are moderately happy or very happy with their bionic hand. In contrast, about 36% are neutral or disappointed with their bionic hand. 

It is believed that these results are so high because of recent improvements to bionic hands, particularly in terms of durability. As bionic hands consist of highly advanced technology, they were more fragile than other prosthetic hands in the past. On top of this, when bionic hands first became available, some believed that they would operate completely like a natural hand with no limitations. 

These issues often lead to disappointment in users, leading them to switch to other kinds of prosthetic hands. Fortunately, adjustments have been made in bionic hands to address these issues, and based on these survey results: they are working!


Satisfying Users with Zeus

We at Aether Biomedical recognized these limitations too, which is why we sought to make a bionic hand of our own, the Zeus. The Zeus is a high-functioning, multi-articulating hand designed to address many of the flaws seen in other prostheses. Some of the most prominent faults in other bionic hands were strength, durability, dexterity, and repairs. 

In terms of strength, most bionic hands weren’t designed with this in mind. Instead, they primarily focused on dexterity. While a necessary attribute, we felt that strength shouldn’t be sacrificed for mobility, so we created the strongest bionic hand on the market. The Zeus is equipped with 34.17lbf / 152N of grip force, able to carry loads up to 77lbs / 35 kgs. This strength ensures that users can lift most objects, as well as support their own body weight from a seated position. 

Even though the Zeus is capable of unprecedented strength, that doesn’t mean it skimps on dexterity. With 12 selectable grip patterns, each of which can be individually adjusted, users can perform day-to-day hand functions with each. Its opposable thumb and flexible fingers ensure maximum mobility and control. 

Durability is another crucial component of a practical bionic hand. The Zeus is highly durable with patent-pending, impact-resistant flexible fingers. As such, fingers will bend upon impact, not break. This ensures that the Zeus can withstand regular bumps and thumps without repair. 

Even if the Zeus should need repairs, it can be done so quickly. The Zeus is locally-repairable, meaning that users can have any repairs made by their local prosthetic clinic on-site. Consequently, repairs can be completed within an hour - not weeks. Even for minor technical adjustments, the Zeus uses remote configuration, so users don’t have to see a prosthetist in person to customize grip patterns. 

These features are only the tip of the iceberg of what the Zeus offers to users. For these reasons and more, Zeus users are highly satisfied with their bionic hand. But, don’t take that from us; instead, hear it from some of our users. 


Zeus User Testimonials

Born without his left hand, Piotr has been an active prosthetic user for a long time. After trying several cosmetic and myoelectric hands, Piotr finally found the Zeus. With the Zeus, he found greater functionality than any other hand, enabling him to perform the activities he loves. As a photographer, precise and controlled movements are crucial, which is one of the many reasons he loves the Zeus. 

Whereas Piotr tried many prosthetic hands before finding the Zeus, another one of our users, Kinga, found it on her first try. A talented car mechanic, Kinga benefits from the customization capabilities of the Zeus, allowing her to adjust the hand to niche grips and movements. With advanced functionality, strength, and durability, Kinga has found the Zeus to be perfect for her needs as a mechanic. 

Another user, Sarai, benefits from using the Zeus in her life as an athlete and teacher. The Zeus allows her to train for swimming, lifting heavy weights, and performing intense physical exercises. Even in her routine as a teacher, the Zeus enables her to perform day-to-day functions with ease, as well as show off her bionic hand with pride. 

These individuals are only a handful of our courageous Zeus users. With the Zeus, users can live independently, performing day-to-day tasks with ease and grace. The strength, dexterity, and durability of our bionic hand allow users to focus on the things that matter - without worrying about the functionality of their hand. 

We want the Zeus to be the bionic hand for all, which is why accessibility is one of our highest priorities. As such, the Zeus is affordable and available in a wide range of countries.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Zeus or becoming a Zeus user yourself, book a demo with one of our team members.

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