Innovating Prostheses: Prosthetics of the Future

Not long ago, prosthetic hands had limited functional capabilities. Today, with the help of recent developments in technology, prostheses are considerably more functional and intuitive. 

At Aether Biomedical, we strive to drive this innovation forward even further. Through our work with cutting-edge myoelectric technology, we have made a hand with a level of functionality that would've been impossible only a few years ago. Our product, the Zeus, is what we believe to be the prosthetic hand of the future. 

Our creation of the Zeus was made possible by utilizing the latest advancements in biomedical technology. With these technologies, the Zeus provides users with unmatched strength, precision, durability, and customization capabilities. 


3D Printing


3D printing is the process of making tangible three-dimensional objects from digital files. While more common today, 3D printing was a new (and expensive) invention only a few years ago. Since its application to the orthotic and prosthetic industry, 3D printing has vastly transformed the way that prostheses can be manufactured. 

The Zeus is manufactured using additive 3D printing technology, which benefits users for a number of reasons. 3D printing enables faster manufacturing of prostheses as well as price. While some assume that 3D printing would drive the cost of manufacturing up, the opposite is true. In reality, the 3D printing of the materials used in our prosthetic hands helps make the Zeus an affordable solution for users. 


Impact-Resistance Mechanism


While quick and easy repairs are a significant advantage regarding prosthetic hands, wouldn't it be even better to reduce the need for repairs altogether? We thought so too, which is why the Zeus is robustly designed with a patent-pending impact resistance mechanism. 

With highly durable and flexible fingers, the Zeus can withstand higher levels of damage than other bionic hands. Should users bump the Zeus or hit their fingers into a hard surface, they will bend automatically and quickly snap back to position. 

This mechanism protects the fingers, ensuring that they cannot be damaged easily. With more durable fingers, users significantly reduce the need for repairs altogether. 


Remote Configuration


A novel feature of the Zeus is remote configuration. Using our web-based software, clinicians can remotely configure the Zeus hand - without users ever needing to enter the office. 

Clinicians can access the software pertaining to a particular user and adjust the hand's settings to make specific adjustments. Such a feature allows for on-the-go adjustments, ensuring that users can go about their day without interruption. 

When configuring the Zeus, clinicians can communicate with the user to choose between 12 available grips and two custom grips. Each individual finger is 100% customizable, ensuring complete customization and flexibility. No matter a user's needs, they can adjust their hand accordingly from anywhere, at any time, thanks to remote configuration.


Bio-Signal Processing


Perhaps the most significant recent innovation in the orthotic and prosthetic industry is bio-signal processing. Bio-signal processing is what enables the movement of a bionic hand. The residual nerves in a user's arm send signals to the processing unit of the prosthetic device. The signals then tell the hand how to move as the user's muscles would with a natural hand. 

The Zeus is controlled by EMG signals, in addition to wireless gain adjustment and sensors, to enable seamless communication between the user and their hand. As a result, the Zeus can flawlessly perform hand movements and grips - both basic and precise. 

This technology allows users not only to hold objects, but flex each individual digit. Additionally, the use of smart sensors enables the device to automatically alternate grips based on the object in question. Whether a thin piece of paper, a delicate wine glass, or a sturdy weight, the Zeus can automatically adjust grip and pressure accordingly. This means that users are at no risk of breaking fragile objects or dropping heavy ones. 


Zeus: The Prosthetic Hand of the Future


All of these innovations, and more, have come together to make the Zeus, a multi-articulating bionic hand, possible. Thanks to developments in prosthetic technology, the possibilities are endless for prosthesis users - as are the opportunities for advancements. With more capabilities than ever before, modern prosthetic hands can restore function for users, granting them unprecedented strength, control, and agility. 

We at Aether Biomedical believe bionic, or myoelectric hands, such as the Zeus, to be the bionic hand of the future. But, this is only the beginning. Our team plans to continue innovating prosthetic technology in an effort to exceed the current global standard of prosthetics. As a result, we will continue to provide users with prosthetic devices like the Zeus, that enhance their quality of life through strength and dexterity. 


If you're interested in learning more about the Zeus, visit our website or reach out to one of our team members. 

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