What Qualities to Look for in the Right Prosthetic Hand

Choosing a prosthetic hand is a big decision. Users need to determine the level of functionality they want and the capabilities they need to perform daily activities. Many users opt to go with a bionic hand for its advanced functionality, but that still leaves them with a plethora of options. 

With the Zeus, users don’t have to sacrifice one capability for another. Instead, our hand offers everything that a user could need with the ability to customize it to their specific needs. Whether a user is highly active or just looking to go about their daily life, the Zeus has the qualities they’re looking for. 

The Athlete


When looking for the right prosthetic hand, active users need to keep their daily activities in mind. For the average athlete, this may include exercising, training, and weight lifting. The average bionic hand may not be able to support the weight of heavy objects - but the Zeus can. 

The Zeus is the strongest bionic hand on the market, able to lift loads up to 35kgs (77lbs). Plus, with a grip force of over 152N, users can be confident that they will be able to lift nearly any object - and hold onto it without fear of dropping. The Zeus also ensures that users will be able to support their own body weight, allowing them to rise from a seated position with ease. 

If that isn’t enough, the Zeus is also highly durable. Designed with a patent-pending impact resistance mechanism and novel, damage-resistant flexible fingers, the Zeus can easily withstand regular bumps and thumps. For users living an active lifestyle, this is crucial. Users can operate the hand without fear of damage and without slowing down or stopping. Specific grips also ensure the hand is suitable for any activity. The power grip, in particular, is highly advantageous for users looking to lift heavy objects.  

One of our Zeus users, Sarai, has found the hand to be particularly useful during training. As a professional swimmer, the Zeus gives Sarai the strength needed to train and exercise - and even go as far as to win medals and set world records. 


The Professional 


While the Zeus was designed with strength in mind, it also offers equal levels of precision and flexibility. For the professional or student, it’s important that users can operate their hand with dexterity, handling unique objects with accuracy. Whether reading, writing, or typing, users need to have a light touch that still holds objects securely. 

With 12 selectable grips and two custom grips, users can do exactly that with the Zeus. The tripod closed grip allows users to hold a variety of everyday objects, such as a pen, enabling users to write with ease. In contrast, the key grip enables users to carry out activities like holding a key or turning a page. Even for working on a computer, the mouse grip and active index enable mouse-clicking and typing. 

One user, Kinga, benefits from the Zeus in her profession as a mechanic. With personal customization, strength, and dexterity, Kinga can perform complex and delicate tasks with ease. No matter the activity, the Zeus’ adjustable and nimble fingers allow for precise movements, perfect for the bookworm, student, or professional. 


The Artist


For the creative user, flexibility and delicacy are key. As artists work with a mix of mediums and perform unique activities, it’s essential that their hand can perform these tasks with the same level of precision and intent as any hand. With grips such as the tripod closed grip, users can easily maneuver a pencil or paintbrush with a soft touch for delicate strokes. 

Even beyond these objects, the users can customize their hand to more unique positions. For the photographer, users can create a custom grip that forms the hand to the shape of a camera lens, allowing for easy adjustments. For the food-fanatic, users can adjust the hand to hold and operate a knife with a secure grip and easily transition to a lighter touch for an egg or wine glass. 

Piotr, an avid photographer and another one of our users, loves the precision that the Zeus offers to him when it comes to photography. The functionality of the hand ensures that he can adjust and support his camera for the perfect shot. Plus, with an elegant and unique design, he is proud to embrace the appearance of the Zeus. 


The Bionic Hand For All


The Zeus is the perfect hand for users of these personas - but we don’t like to put people into boxes. We understand that each Zeus user embodies all of these traits and more, which is why the Zeus is the bionic hand for all. With 12 selectable grip patterns, two custom grips, and 100% customizability in individual fingers, users can perform all of their daily activities - even the niche ones. 

For on-the-go users, the Zeus is equipped with remote configuration. Using our web-based software, clinicians can customize the hand remotely, assuring that adjustments can be made right when they are needed. Plus, the Zeus has a battery life of nearly two days, ensuring that users won’t have to pause their lives to recharge. 

Should the hand need more considerable repairs or modifications, the Zeus can be 100% locally repaired by a clinician in under 60 minutes. Users can simply take the hand to their local prosthetist, and all repairs can be made within the hour. As a result, there is no need for a loaner or days spent without their hand. 

No matter which “category” users may fall into, the Zeus is designed to be customized to its user. Between functionality and design, users can truly make the hand their own, ensuring that it supports them in any endeavor. With the Zeus, users can take back the autonomy in their lives and get back to the activities they love. 


If you’re interested in learning more about the Zeus or joining the Zeus community, contact us.

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