Benefits of Choosing the Zeus

We at Aether Biomedical have made it our mission to provide custom solutions to upper limb amputees, developing prosthetics while making them accessible to all. In this effort, we have created the Zeus, a high-functioning multi-articulating bionic hand. 

We are confident that the Zeus can reinvigorate users with strength, confidence, and independence with its numerous capabilities and functions. In choosing the Zeus, users will benefit in so many ways. If you’re interested in learning more about what the Zeus can offer, keep reading. 


Grip Strength


Grip strength is a key component of a bionic hand, as users need to be confident in their ability to hold an object without dropping it. Fortunately, this is not a problem with the Zeus as it has the strongest grip strength available on the bionic hand market (152N). 

Likewise, in terms of load bearing, users will be able to lift up to 35kg and help support their body weight on the hand. With this level of strength, users can be assured that they can perform daily tasks such as lifting and holding various objects and can even use the hand to help getting up from a seated position. 

Still, while strength is crucial, there are times when users need to handle items with care - see below for how we address this.


100% Personalization


Zeus has all the usual grips that one expects of an advanced multi-articulated bionic hand, but goes further in that for each of the 12 grips, you can set the precise starting and stopping point for each digit. Thus, even the standard grips - pinch, tripod, key etc - are set precisely to the tasks that the individual user performs daily.

Returning to strength, there are times we need a light touch. Zeus’ Soft Grip offers just this. Again setting the threshold precisely to the individual, the user can gently grasp an object but then decide to crush it if so desired. Normal proportional control is just too blunt and imprecise to do this.


High Impact Resistant Fingers 


The Zeus has novel damage-resistant, flexible fingers, ensuring that regular bumps and thumps do not impact the hand. This means that while users wear the hand, they can conduct their daily activities without worry of damage. That being said, while the Zeus is difficult to damage, it can still happen like all bionic hands. Fortunately, that leads us to our next benefit. 


Modular Construction 


For many bionic hands, if damaged, they must be shipped off for repairs which can take weeks or even months. Not only does the repair itself take considerable time, but also the process of sending the hand to and from the manufacturer/distributor. While repairs are being made, users can be left without the hand they rely on for so many tasks

We understand that such a wait is unacceptable for users, which is why this isn’t a problem for the Zeus. Due to its modular construction, the Zeus requires very short repair time, ensuring that if the hand is damaged, it can be returned to users within a few days - not weeks or months. Additionally, the Zeus is repairable locally, in-field. This means that in addition to repairs being made quickly, users do not have to lose time sending their hand back and forth to manufacturers. 

With less time spent on repairs, users can focus more on living their life as they wish, without fear of damaging their hand and being left without it. 




Finally, cost is an important consideration with any prosthetic. In our mission to make our bionic hand accessible to all, we have kept affordability in mind. While for some products, there is a misconception that a high price means high quality, this is not the case with the Zeus. The Zeus is a low-cost yet high-quality product, ensuring that cost does not limit users from a product we feel they need. 


The Zeus: The Bionic Hand For All


With so many options on the market, choosing the right prosthetic can be challenging. That being said, each upper limb amputee has a unique set of needs that cannot be addressed by just any hand. But, with 100% personalization, the highest grip strength available, modular construction, and high-impact resistant fingers, we believe that the Zeus is the right solution. 

With the Zeus, users can obtain the independence, strength, and confidence they deserve, enabling them to perform daily tasks with ease. With its immense capabilities, the Zeus is more than just an accessory, but an extension of the human limb. 

For users interested in the Zeus, visit our website to learn more and schedule a consultation.

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