Accelerating the Repair Process in Prosthetic Limbs

For traditional prostheses, the repair process can be long and inconvenient for users. First, after damaging their hand, patients either have to come in to the clinic or mail their device in for repairs, that of which can take weeks or even months depending on the component and damage. Consequently, users are left with a loaner hand, or without one entirely, for an extended period of time. 

For users who spent considerable time finding and getting fitted to the right prosthesis, this is extremely frustrating. We recognized the issues that a lengthy repair process caused for users, which is why we accelerated the process with our own product, the Zeus. 

Modular Construction


When it comes to repairs, the construction of the prosthetic hand itself is a critical component - particularly for a high functioning multi-articulating hand such as the Zeus. The Zeus is designed using modular construction, which is one of the many reasons it can be repaired faster than alternative prosthetic hands

In terms of prostheses, modular construction means that the hand consists of an accessible number of interchangeable components, that of which can be assembled easily and quickly. In layman’s terms, this means that the Zeus is made of parts that can be easily assembled and disassembled. 

Plus, with interchangeable parts, there will never be a significant wait for a specific part to be available. That being said, while the construction of the Zeus may not be particularly complex in terms of repairs, it is a highly advanced bionic hand, comprised of high-quality technologies such as:

  • Advanced signal processing
  • Wireless gain adjustment and sensors
  • Highly durable and flexible fingers

So, while fast and easy to repair, the Zeus itself is anything but simple. 


3D Printing


Advancements in 3D printing and manufacturing are another significant contributor to the Zeus's ease of repair. With 3D printing, the Zeus can be made customized to its user, ensuring a perfect fit. This also means that should the hand be damaged or compromised, repairs can be made quickly with on-site, on-demand printing. As components do not need to be stocked in the clinic or ordered in advance, repairs - no matter how complex - can be made the moment a user enters the prosthesis clinic. With more easily accessible parts, repairs to the Zeus can be made and completed within days, not months. 

In addition to speed and customization, 3D printing is a low-cost solution to prosthesis manufacturing costs. As a result, we have created an affordable hand, ensuring that users of all backgrounds can access the bionic hand they need. 


On-Site Repair


Previously we mentioned that one of the contributing factors to a lengthy repair process in prosthetic limbs is the repairing process for when a myoelectric hand breaks. As many clinics do not have spare hands, they must then send a loaner to the patient from the manufacturer. This itself can be time-consuming if the patient does not live close to the prosthetic clinic as they would need to make multiple appointments or have the loaner sent to them via mail. This process alone can add days, if not weeks, to the repair process. 

Fortunately, the Zeus is locally-repairable. This means that when users are in need of a repair, they can go to their local prosthetic clinic and have their hand repaired on-site. This saves users significant time in the repair process, ensuring that they will have their hand back in mint condition within days. 

With less time spent on repairs, users can quickly get back to their routines. Plus, users can use the hand confidently, without fear of risking a lengthy wait time for repairs should the hand be damaged. 




With the Zeus, the repair process is drastically accelerated, ensuring that users can get their prosthetic hand repaired quickly. With modular construction, 3D printing, and local repairs, users can have their hands repaired the same day at the clinic.  

While fast repairs are an excellent benefit of the Zeus, we at Aether Biomedical also wanted to reduce the need for repairs altogether. For this reason, we designed the Zeus with durability in mind. With novel damage-resistant, flexible fingers, the Zeus can withstand regular bumps and thumps. 

This means that users can use their hand with confidence - not hesitation - when handling daily activities. Users can operate the Zeus as they would their normal hand, without fear of damage or lengthy repairs. The fingers on the Zeus can easily bend and flex to the user's will, ensuring that intentionally or otherwise, the Zeus will last. Still, some damage is inevitable as no myoelectric hand is invincible. 

Fortunately, with the Zeus and its ability to be repaired quickly, users do not have to fret should damage occur. Instead, they can live confidently that their hand will withstand most damage and can be repaired by the prosthetist in their clinic should something happen. 

If you're interested in learning more about the Zeus, visit our website.

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