Improving Quality of Life with a Bionic Hand

Many upper limb amputees seek out a bionic hand in hopes that it will help them perform daily tasks and increase their quality of life. While these hopes themselves are enough to persuade patients to become bionic hand users, users find that they receive so much more once fitted with the hand. 

We believe that with a bionic hand, users can dramatically improve their quality of life - in more ways than one. 



The most obvious way a bionic hand can transform a user's life is through autonomy. Missing a limb like a hand can pose many challenges in one's life. Holding objects, exercising, and getting ready each day are often two-hand jobs. Consequently, patients with limb loss must learn how to perform many of these tasks with one arm, and also lean on their loved ones for help with day-to-day tasks. While there is no shame in asking for help, most users wish to be able to do these things on their own. 

Traditional prostheses can help patients with some activities, but with limited functionality, it's still a challenge to be completely independent. But, with a bionic hand, users obtain dramatic improvements in functionality and thus autonomy. 

With a bionic hand, users can operate their prosthesis as if it were a natural limb. Using bio-signal processing, bionic hands operate intuitively, allowing users to seamlessly operate the device. Advanced control and precise movements enable users to perform even the most intricate tasks, including typing, writing, exercising, holding objects both large and small, and more. 

Improved functionality and movement capabilities allow bionic hand users to perform activities independently and easily. Tasks that may have required assistance in the past can now be easily achieved by a user entirely on their own. 

This fact in and of itself can drastically improve a patient's quality of life. Such autonomy can reinstate a user's sense of independence and freedom. With this mindset, users can feel more powerful and confident in themselves. 


Confidence & Positive Body Image 

Even beyond the confidence to perform tasks independently, bionic hands can also reinstate a user's confidence in their self-image. While there are millions of prosthesis users and amputees worldwide, to an individual, it can seem as though they're the only one. Consequently, they may feel insecure about their appearance. While many prosthetic hands are designed to mimic the appearance of a natural limb, they don't always help with one's body image. 

Bionic hands take a different approach. Most bionic hands do not take on the appearance of a natural limb and instead look like the advanced pieces of technology that they are. Some users may not want to stand out with their prosthesis. But, other users like the "superhero" look of the arm. 

Many bionic hand users learned to love the look of their new prosthetic hand and embrace what it represents. A bionic hand represents strength and resilience, and by wearing their hand, users can demonstrate these traits in themselves. 

By embracing a bionic hand, rather than hiding it, users can grow confident in their appearance and embrace their differences. Piotr, one of our very own users, claimed that "I also enjoyed the futuristic look of my hand and its matching socket. As a result, I found that I was no longer hiding my prosthesis, but showing it off!"

This change in mindset and boost in confidence can drastically improve a user's quality of life. Choosing to be proud of your differences and embrace your prosthesis can have a ripple effect, leading them to a more positive outlook on life. 


Mental Health

Mental health is a significant concern for patients with limb loss, particularly those who lost their limbs to amputation or trauma. Having to re-learn daily functions can be a considerable undertaking and take a substantial toll on one's mental health. 

If users feel as though they can't do any of the activities they once loved, it can negatively affect their outlook on life and their quality of life. Similarly, adjusting to one's appearance with the loss of a limb can have a significant impact. Fortunately, bionic hands can address these issues. 

With a newfound sense of confidence through autonomy and improved body image, bionic hands can help to improve users' mental health. While early models of bionic hands may not have had much strength and dexterity, technology has brought them a long way. Today, many bionic hands can provide users with the strength and agility needed to perform activities independently, no matter how niche. 

Once again being able to perform basic functions and activities can considerably boost users' morale and, consequently, their mental health. Plus, having a bionic hand can change a user's perspective from the loss of a limb to the gaining of a new one. No matter how a patient becomes a prosthetic user, bionic hands can be the solution they need to take back control of their life and face it with a new perspective. 


Regain Your Power With the Zeus 

Our high-functioning multi-articulating bionic hand, the Zeus, is designed with users in mind. With the Zeus, users have unprecedented strength, allowing them to support their weight and grip heavy objects. Even for more delicate objects, the Zeus can seamlessly transition to a soft grip to keep objects from breaking. With flexible and adjustable fingers, users can perform niche and complex tasks with ease. 

The high functionality of the Zeus ensures that users can live independently and autonomously, with no task out of reach. Our hand's unique design encourages users to embrace their differences and wear the Zeus with pride. 

Life is all about perspective. For those who have lost autonomy and struggle with self-image, it can be challenging to look on the bright side of things. That's why we designed our bionic hand to make users feel more confident and capable. As a result, users can experience a boost in independence, body image, and mental health, drastically improving their quality of life. 

Once you've experienced life with the Zeus, there's no going back. If you're interested in becoming a Zeus user yourself, speak with your local prosthetist or contact us. 


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