Why Customization is Essential for Prostheses

When it comes to customizing a prosthesis, it’s about more than just the fit. Every prosthesis must be fitted to its user, ensuring comfort and functionality. But, while this is crucial, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the prosthesis will suit all of the user’s needs. 

The right prosthesis should serve as an extension of the user, including customizing it to their unique preferences and needs. Customization is essential for users to truly feel at one with their prosthetic device. 

Selectable Grip Patterns


For prosthetic hands, grip is everything. A strong grip is the difference between hesitation and confidence when performing daily tasks and holding objects. If a user has spent considerable time and effort finding the right prosthesis and getting it fitted for them, they should be able to use it with confidence. 

Beyond holding everyday objects, users should be able to use their prostheses just as they would a natural hand. That includes having the ability to fine-tune the adjustment of their fingers to hold atypical objects. Precision customization allows users to perform more specialized activities they love - whether the activities require a delicate touch or a firm grip. 

Fortunately, the Zeus offers superior grip customization, ensuring users to task, users can customize their grip to accommodate it. With 12 selectable grip patterns, two custom grips, and five individually motorized articulating digits, Zeus users can modify the hand to their needs. 

Grip patterns include:

  • Power Grip: provides users with 34.17lbf/152N of force to tightly grip objects with the whole hand. 
  • Trigger Grip: used for operating appliances with trigger mechanisms like sprays. 
  • Precision Open Grip: the index finger is controlled to form a pinching motion to pick up small, delicate objects. 
  • Precision Closed Grip: this grip forms a smaller pinch, closing fingers fully. 
  • Tripod Closed Grip: used to hold medium-sized objects and activities, such as writing with a pen. 
  • Tripod Open Grip: holds medium-sized objects with a loose grip, such as an egg or car keys. 
  • Finger Point: this grip points the index finger while closing the rest of the fingers, enabling pushing switches or buttons. 
  • Active Index: points the index finger while keeping the remaining fingers open to perform tasks such as typing. 
  • Open Palm: hand opens with a slight curvature to support objects such as plates, bowls, or books. 
  • Hook Grip: used for lifting heavy objects such as gym equipment or briefcases, with a static grip capacity of 77lbs/35kgs. 
  • Key Grip: four fingers close to providing a flat platform for the thumb, used for picking up thin, flat objects such as a key or turning a page. 
  • Mouse grip: the hand assumes the position of a computer mouse for use, with the index fingers able to push left and right buttons, respectively. 

With a wide variety of grip options, users can easily handle any object with the precise amount of strength or delicacy needed. For unique activities, such as adjusting a camera lens, users can customize grip patterns of their own. 




Design is another crucial element of customization in prostheses. The design of the device itself ensures functionality for users as well as ease of repair. For these reasons, Zeus utilizes modular construction and 3D printing technology - but that’s not the design we’re referring to in this case. 

In terms of aesthetics, the design of a prosthetic hand can speak a lot for its users. While many prosthetics hands are designed to replicate a natural hand, that’s not the case with Zeus. Instead, the Zeus stands out with its robust design. The Zeus has a sleek and elegant casing, representing the elegance in motion to users. 




Color is a significant element of design and customization as well. While some users may choose to go with neutral or skin-tone colors, others may have something more unique. At Aether Biomedical, we believe that users should strive to stand out and do so with pride and confidence. For this reason, the Zeus doesn’t follow the traditional route. 

The Zeus V1 comes in a sleek black color. We feel that this helps users demonstrate the power and elegance of the Zeus. That said, we understand the importance of self-expression. For this reason, our next model, the Zeus V2, will allow users to hydro-dip their hand with the option of 10 different colors. Whether users are seeking a bold and unique design or one that is sleek and simple, they will soon be able to customize the Zeus to fit these preferences. 




Silicone gloves are another common way users may customize their prosthetic hands. The primary function of the cosmetic glove is to cover the hand mechanism, giving it a more natural appearance. Another reason may be to protect the device from moisture or dirt. For some users, the appearance of a silicone glove is preferred, which is why it will be available with the Zeus V2. 

Still, other users like to embrace the uncovered appearance of the prosthesis, as is how the Zeus V1 appears. Such a design choice may empower users to embrace the strength and uniqueness of their prosthetic hand. 


Customization is Key


While a properly-fitted prosthesis is vital, only one aspect of finding a prosthetic hand that’s right for its user, at Aether Biomedical, we believe that a prosthetic hand can represent the strength and resilience demonstrated by its users. 

Whatever a user’s aesthetic preferences may be, they should have a prosthesis to reflect their personal needs and style. The ability to customize a prosthesis grip, design, color, and gloves means Zeus users can create a hand that fulfills their needs and reflects who they are. Plus, with remote configuration, clinicians can modify the Zeus quickly for on-the-go users. 

The Zeus gives users the strength and dexterity to regain control of their lives and perform the tasks they love with ease. With many opportunities for customization (with more to come!), we believe that the Zeus can help users live confidently and embrace the hand they operate.


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