FAQs About Bionic Hands: Answered

Whether you’re looking for your first prosthetic hand or you’ve been using prostheses for years, many patients have questions about bionic hands. After all, bionic hands are relatively new to the prosthetic market, and with such advanced technology,...

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Improving Quality of Life with a Bionic Hand

Many upper limb amputees seek out a bionic hand in hopes that it will help them perform daily tasks and increase their quality of life. While these hopes themselves are enough to persuade patients to become bionic hand users, users find that they...

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User Satisfaction in Bionic Hands

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re in the market for a new prosthetic hand, and perhaps a bionic hand at that. In the age of technology, user reviews are a crucial component of the shopping process. After all, why try out a product if...

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Bionic Hands: Safety, Care, & Common Concerns

You’ve spent the time and money finding the perfect bionic hand, getting it to fit just right, and learning how to use it. But, after a long day of wearing your hand, you’re experiencing discomfort and notice that it needs a clean - so how do you...

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Benefits of 3D Printing in Prosthetics

Developments in 3D printing have changed the prosthetics game forever. Through additive and 3D manufacturing technology, bionic hands can be made more durable and affordable than ever, providing users the prostheses they deserve. 

Even beyond price...

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Different Types of Limb Loss: Before & After Surgery

Before a patient can get fit with their multi-articulating myoelectric hand, it’s vital that their prosthetist conducts a thorough evaluation and understands the cause of amputation or limb loss. This information helps prosthetists understand what a...

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 Learning to Use a Bionic Hand

There is a learning curve for every prosthetic device, but for first-time users, this can seem daunting. Once fitted with a new prosthesis, users need to re-learn how to perform day-to-day functions and activities and get accustomed to their new...

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PDAC Approval for the Zeus

Aether Biomedical is proud to report that the Zeus hand is officially PDAC approved under L6880. Upon this approval, the Zeus is assigned an HCPCS code, making it eligible under the billing of Medicare. For our U.S. users, this is a major win!

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Day-to-Day Functions and Grips of a Bionic Hand

Individuals perform thousands of hand functions on a given day without giving it any thought. Following the loss of a hand and the fitting of a prosthetic hand, one of the first questions that users ask is, "what can it do?"

When it comes to a...

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Innovating Prostheses: Prosthetics of the Future

Not long ago, prosthetic hands had limited functional capabilities. Today, with the help of recent developments in technology, prostheses are considerably more functional and intuitive. 

At Aether Biomedical, we strive to drive this innovation...

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