Innovating Prostheses: Prosthetics of the Future

Not long ago, prosthetic hands had limited functional capabilities. Today, with the help of recent developments in technology, prostheses are considerably more functional and intuitive. 

At Aether Biomedical, we strive to drive this innovation...

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What Qualities to Look for in the Right Prosthetic Hand

Choosing a prosthetic hand is a big decision. Users need to determine the level of functionality they want and the capabilities they need to perform daily activities. Many users opt to go with a bionic hand for its advanced functionality, but that...

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Why Customization is Essential for Prostheses

When it comes to customizing a prosthesis, it’s about more than just the fit. Every prosthesis must be fitted to its user, ensuring comfort and functionality. But, while this is crucial, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the prosthesis will suit all...

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Accelerating the Repair Process in Prosthetic Limbs

For traditional prostheses, the repair process can be long and inconvenient for users. First, after damaging their hand, patients either have to come in to the clinic or mail their device in for repairs, that of which can take weeks or even months...

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Making Prosthetic Limbs More Accessible

Making prostheses accessible to as many users as possible is a consideration manufacturers and prosthetists should take into account, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be. Most high-functioning bionic hands are out of the price range for most...

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Bio-Signal Processing: How It Works

Developments in prostheses are offering users more functionality and agility than ever before. The use of bio-signal processing, in particular, has transformed how prostheses work in correlation with a user’s body. Bio-signal processing allows users...

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Types of Upper Extremity Prosthetic Hands

The process of being fit for your prosthesis can be a long one, but it is well worth it in the end when patients find a prosthetic hand that meets their needs. Still, with so many options available on the market, many patients have trouble choosing...

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Current Limitations with Bionic Hands

Bionic hands are an innovative solution to prosthetic limbs. As opposed to passive prostheses, bionic hands provide users with an enhanced level of dexterity, strength, and flexibility. As a result, users have more capabilities in terms of movement...

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